Watch out world-here she comes!

This weekend my insanely fabulous and naturally glamorous niece Manda, graduated from Orange Lutheran High School. It is difficult to write this post without sounding lame and beyond biased...but I am going to try. Manda is by far the most grounded, loving and joyful soul I have ever known. She is one of the 'good kids'. She is empathetic and patient, sarcastic (my influence I hope) and sincere. She is smart, clever and darn cute too. I am always so flattered when we are together and people comment on how we have similar mannerisms- I know we have the same sense of humor for certain! I could go on and on...but let me just say that she is truly one of my most favorite people on the planet. She will be beginning college in the Fall and lucky for the world- she is planning on becoming a teacher. So if you are very very lucky- in about 4 years, your son or daughter might come home from school one day singing the praises of their new teacher, Ms. Manda.


ThatGirl said...

great photo! how exciting to be that age -- just starting out.

Anonymous said...

She's " GOA- JUSS! "
Thanks !


Crystal said...

I have to agree. I am very proud of what a great gal Mandy has grown up to be and to say that she is part of my family, too! It must be that "Peluso" blood in all of us.