Lycra waves the white flag!

Yesterday I visited Six Flags Great America here in Chicago (in case you aren't following my every move and keeping track I am visiting family this week in the Windy City).....and well, I am really not sure what it is about every single amusement park I visit- but people really have a tendency to push their Lycra to the limit at these places. Hence exhibit A to the right. I am thinking there should be a BMI requirement before allowing people to purchase clothing 3 sizes too small for them. Oh- and this was not even close to the worst offender...there were whole families that looked like they were about to bust out of their clothes. Throw in a ride that gets you all wet and it made for killer people watching. I am no super model- and should lose about 20 lbs (but I can't for some reason!)...but I would rather die than have a ROLL of FAT showing even thru my shirt.....hey, maybe these folks are more confident with their bodies than me? Maybe I am the one with the problem???
Check out silly this not hysterical ???? They had these funny "Starbuck enjoyment pose" signs all over the park. LOTS of cross marketing there...SO not case you want more...don't worry there is video coming folks!
And bloggy buddies...I am trying to find time to read all your fabulous posts...promise!


NillaWafer said...

Looks like that "little" lady there has been buying her booty shorts at Baby Gap!

ThatGirl said...

when we were in hawaii I noticed the same rules apply to bathing suits -- anything goes on vacation!

Victoria said...


Crystal said...

I'm with you Marcy....I have a proper amount of shame regarding my body and its fat. Should we be proud of these girls in this younger generation who just seem to flaunt their fat all over the place and have such high regard for their own bodies? I say, "No!" and "Eww."