Okay so day one down of my Chicago trip...Before swimming at the C.C. pool, we walked to the Ty Warner park (yes, that Ty Warner of the Beanie Baby craze). It is an amazing park- open to the public with a water splash area for little ones and wonderful flowers and trails. And this clock- which says "time for fun!"...When we lived here years ago- Jack was hit in the head with a golf club by a playmate when he was only 2. When we arrived at the ER Jack was given a large, soft vintage style teddy bear. Jack named him Charlie and he is never far apart form him even 7 years later. I called to thank the hospital the next day and I learned this teddy was donated by the Ty Warner company. Turns out they donate hundreds of thousands of stuffed animals to hospitals and charities all over the world every year. Now isn't that wonderful?.....Okay back to my vacation- because it is my 'Time for Fun'!

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Anonymous said...

Chi-town is one of my favorite cities, so while it very well might be "time for fun" over there, it's "time for jealousy" over here. I'm looking forward to devouring your posts! (And keep em coming, or I swear I will go through withdrawals, and that does not make for any kind of Glamorous Life.