Married, Merger....same diff.

Don't do it for love. Don't do it for companionship. Don't do it for it FOR THE MONEY.
Huh? Apparently I have been married for all the wrong reasons.....I never realized it was actually a business merger I was in and not a marriage. Marriage, Merger same diff. I guess.
Not that I am against promoting marriage. After all I want everyone to come over the dark side. Cuz you know how us married folks can't stand to know ANYONE who is not married. So all we do is talk about how great it is to be married. Could be because we are jealous ya know....anyway this Ad was created by Campaign for Children. Whaaa? Whoooo? Some obscure group working off $5.5 million in funding out of the state of Maryland. They have other slogan ads too; including the jewel "Marriage Works" along side another painfully happy couple. Oh they look so naive....'trust me honey one day you will be fighting over who gets this crappy wagon wheel coffee table' (equally obscure Harry met Sally quote for ya). Folks there is a lot I can say on this whole slogan thing....a whole lot....but others have already done it for me so perfectly, I say why bother? Click here for a well written and researched article on this organization and their goal to get our kids all married or sterile by the time they hit puberty. Did I mention this is STATE FUNDED? Can you feel my teeth clinching?
Bloggers Note: I love being married. Really, I am huge huge fan of the whole 'till death' thing....after all my til death is with Ed-my really tolerate of my blogging husbster.


Sarah Beth said...

This so great. It looks like the ad is at a bus stop. So I can only imagine the single guy or gal who lives in sin waiting for the bus, sees this sign and says "Hey, if I got married, I could buy a car and drive to work!". No, not really.

Ann said...

And half of them will need the services of "This is mine, that's hers" law firm.
(Just lo-o-ove "When Harry Met Sally"!)

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

I don't understand the animosity to the ad. Federal and State Welfare systems in this country destroyed minority families over the last 40 years by replacing the father, and they are now trying to do what little they can to build it back up. I don't see what harm it does to just point out the upside to marriage to a group of people that has had marriage decimated in their community. Yes, the ad is at a bus stop, probably right where it needs to be. The ad is not at the high end suburban Starbucks.

Shauna said...

I think I am married for all the wrong reason too...dang.

Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

I totally understand your point Crystal...I think my objection is that the money could be used in more immediate and productive ways. Like, um...birth control comes to the link I included...he has ALL KINDS of reasons to be against it! Thanks for reading and commenting! There is a special place in heaven for those who comment~~~~

Becky said...

When Harry Met Sally...

A cult classic, in my opinion.

"Please tell me I will never have to be out there again?"

I want a "Don't F*** with Mr. Zero" shirt.


I am for the sign...and happy that it was a man and woman in the ad!

Especially in California...LOL!

The Maid