UPDATE: Jack and his hair

Okay I have received lots of personal e-mails and even a little Twitter wanting to get an update on the Jack-Hair controversy. After sending my scathing (but truthfully acurate) e-mail I received one from the owner and principal from the school.
"Have Jack come see me first thing tomorrow. I want to review his hair"
So we woke early and slicked his hair until he looked like a cross between Max Headroom and Dracula. It was really an art form...I had to sorta sculpt his hair into position. Then I lacquered it down with hairspray. She took one look at him and all she said was "Oh my don't you look handsome! This is just fine for the rest of the year!"......so basically she totally and completely CAVED. The thing is- SHE is the one who said he needed the second cut in the first place! Couldn't she have just ignored it for one more week???? Oh the drama of elementary school......Today Jack went to school with his black high top converse shoes with his new PINK shoe laces (all the rage for 9 yr old boys right now-seriously) and he was stopped by a teacher who said they didn't comply with the dress code. I am thinking of dying his white dress shirt pink for the promotion/graduation ceremony on Thursday....ya know, and just claim 'laundry accident'. They should know not to mess with Mama Bear.....oh no they shouldn't....


Amy said...

oh goodness, it's just a hairstyle, right? I don't know why people make such a big deal about them sometiems *sigh*

Alex said...

Converse is one of my favorite shoes designer. I have 3 pairs of them.