My tribe

A Typical (and ACTUAL) conversation between blogger friends when they meet:
Blogger #1: Do you see what was in Holly's Fruit Bowl this morning?
Blogger #2: Who is Holly?
Blogger #1: You don't follow June Clever Nirvana?
Blogger #2: no. Is she good?
Blogger#1: Okay you HAVE to read MUST. Seriously...I don't even know if I can continue to be friends with you in real life if you don't read her. She is....well, hard to explain..but let's just say she refers to herself in the third person and she DRAWS her posts sometimes.
Blogger #2: Oh I get it. I will add her to my reader ASAP.
This sort of conversation continues....for hours if necessary until we have convinced each other to read the exact same people we read..... So it occured to me (was told to do it by Suz) I should really highlight some* of my favorite reads...and my personal synopsis of their sites. Oh I am sure I will get that part wrong- but hey worth a try:
Candid Carrie: She features a field trip which allows us all to break out of our own bloggy circle! (see button on my side bar) and she has lots of great photos on her site- which ya know I love.
Prose and Converse: Spit take worthy comedy....and a little High School Musical love too.
We are THAT family: You know the ones...the ones you say 'Oh THEM again!'. Seriously- feel like your family is crazy? Read her blog and you will feel right at home!
Emphasis Mine: Great writting, great links, great ideas....and becoming a great friend too. Was also the FIRST blog I ever read. Ever....and I still adore it.
Foolery: Oh the comedy. Very smart writing , be ready to giggle..she tells it like no other.
But I read TONS more. I read them religiously. (via a reader) Check out my new Blog Roll to the right. See all those names? I follow ALL of them! And I love every post.....well, except the ones about poopie diapers and Blogher....those I don't love so much...but I read them anyway....these are my people. MY TRIBE.
*it was too too hard to pick who to highlight here. It is random really.


Candid Carrie said...

"Pah-leeze don't tell me we were randomly chosen," she said in the whiniest tone possible, "I thought I was your favorite!"

Thanks for the shout out, and I "was" the mother in that photo, I had that camera. Should have kept it and sold it on e-Bay along with all those toys I had spent big bucks on, too!

Suz Broughton said...

You are a very good listener.
I am going to dive into a few I don't know yet.
Your (blog) friends are my (blog) friends.

HRH said...

MWAH! You are just the sweetest. I am so glad that you have joined the Nirvana promotions staff. Which up until now has just been me telling everyone how great I am...hahaha. Seriously, thank you so much I really, really appreciate it.

I am a blog missionary too. Always out there for the convert for my chosen few (OK, lets get realistic here...I am up to more then a few that I can't miss) so I am off to visit your picks that I don't recognize because I trust your taste.

Thanks again.

Carol VR said...

It's funny to see how often when you click on people on other sites blogroll that you end up right back where you started. I know I take my blogging far more seriously than my family probably appreciates but hey.... we're all entitled to our oddities.

ThatGirl said...

There are two here I hadn't heard of before, so I'm off! Thanks!

Threeundertwo said...

Maybe at blog conferences bloggers should hand out cards with blogrolls on the back - then they could scan for common denominators and spread the link love.

christie said...

Thanks for the links! I really enjoy your blog!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I LOVE your blog header. It's brilliant.

foolery said...

Wow, what a surprise! I'm honored, Miss Marcy, especially since I feel like a Short Bus Denizen most of the time, lately.

So looking forward to meeting you!

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much PRESSURE comes with getting the Glamorous Life seal of approval?

I have to go post something fairly decent, stat!

Thanks for the love, Bloggybuddy! MWAH! :*