Apparently birds of a know the rest. Most of the friends/family I told about my new little blog have e-mailed me with something similar to this "I barely know what a Blog is- let alone know how to leave a comment!" since I am becoming increasingly concerned with comments and site activity ( yeah it has been 4 days and I am already obsessed-see Carrie you are not alone) is a comment primer for my blog (or any other blog-see other great ones in Links I Love below).
Below the entry there is the word "Comment" it. Type in all your thoughts and feelings about my post. Good, Bad or otherwise.....or better yet tell me YOUR funnny story of the day!


Anonymous said...

Who me? Obsessed? That was yesterday. Today, I have a story for you. I should never have put on lipgloss (it's called Sexy Mother Pucker supposed to plump lips but doesn't do anything for my skinny strips) before I got my fringes clipped. I'm still spitting them out.

I once did a 'tutorial post' on commenting :) with pictures and all. I was just trying to educate the non-bloggers. I'm always trying to help.

Is this what you meant by story? Am I babbling? Ok ba bi

Suzanne Broughton said...

This is what I have attention...this comes from almost a year of experience (LOL)...there are those that comment and those that don' very best girlfriends in the world don't comment, my mom doesn't comment...try not to focus on will make you crazy...girl, you are text book...I went through this exact thing when I first started my blog...EXACT!
You are doing a great job. You are going to be a fun read for years to come. Focus on the blog readers you have and your numbers will grow and with that, your comments. Write from the heart and with your own voice and people will come!
Sorry, total windbag...I just can tell you are frustrated--Carrie too-- and I've been you see why I appreciate you so much on MY blog!
sorry, I'm done now.
Keep it up!

Runningamuck said...

I, too, am obessed with the comments on my blog. Or rather the lack of. That's why I'm commenting on yours! I know the painful feeling of self-inflicted rejection... 'Scuse me while I go curl up in a corner and suck my thumb... I'll be back. I promise. AND I'll comment too! =0)