My Coffee Mug History

Today while putting away the clean dishes (my #1 dreaded chore)...I noticed I have not only an eclectic collection of coffee mugs, but they span quite a long period of time in my life. And like a well choosen bumper sticker- a coffee mug can say a lot about who you are, who you THINK you are and of course- who you WANT people to THINK you are!
The black mug has the words "writer' on its side. This was given to me by a beloved playwriting professor at CSUF...and it is cherished. That little gift from him (probably a Lillian Vernor sale item) was the most prized possession as I moved into the great big world after college. I held the title of 'writer' very seriously. After I traded that dream for another- it stayed in the back of my cupboards. But I never gave it away...it moved with me for now 15 years....and ironically, with this new blog-I feel worthy to use this mug again. It has moved up to the front of the cupboard again. The others in the photo are (in order)......
  1. A polka-dot favorite. I have a set of 6. I love polka-dots.
  2. One I had painted while still single. Says 'They don't call me Sassy for nothing'....
  3. Another from the hand painting era. Says "she knew to imagine was everything"
  4. Tinker Bell...from my awesome husband. (I not am contractually obligated to say awesome before the word husband. He really is...he makes me coffee every morning)
  5. Say Cheese! Marcyphotos.com
  6. Life is Good (I have the sticker on my car too...kinda my motto!)
  7. And the latest from a recent trip to color-me-mine with the boys. I decided to put the year on it (and polka dots of course)...because this is going to be a year to remember. I can feel it!


Anonymous said...

I'm liking ...they don't call me sassy for nothing.

NillaWafer said...

You coffee mug history reminds me of my shot glass collection. I had a few cutsie coffee mugs as a young girl but those soon gave way to shot classes when I turned eighteen and acquired a fake I.D. I think I have a story for each one.