This is for you Emily Pie! My entry into the Photo contest "Sky"......I am somewhat obsessed with skies. They are a signature feature in a lot of my photo work! I couldn't pick one!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the first one with little boy (yours?) in the grass. It gives me an aaaaahhhhh feeling. Good work!!

I feel so lucky you found me so I could find you. My day wouldn't be complete without see what you're up to.

EmilyPie said...

oh wow! these are wonderful! I love the sun rays shining down that last especially!

Suzanne Broughton said...

Very nice. I knew you would hit this one out of the park!

SNorman said...

Even though your boys are two of my favorite kids (and not just because they're related to me), I choose the second pic.

I also enjoyed the Yorba Linda pic since I used to live there, many years ago. Neat town.

LOVE -- aunt sherri

Jenny Angelici said...

Holy Toledo - you have been busy. I absolutely love your blog. The photos are beautiful. The one of the boys at the beach is my favorite. I'm guessing that they are your boys? I'm looking forward to reading all your blog entries.

It is a Glamorious Life isn't it!?

Go girl!

Your fellow MOB

sohobutterfly said...

Love that first one - the clouds make a cool pattern.