MY-ba Linda.....ode to a hometown

While walking today in the hills of Yorba Linda- I began to feel so grateful to be able to live in such a neat city. And I have lived in lots of places and I know a thing or two about moving. I have moved often-and sometimes cross country. Lots of times I wasn't too thrilled about it...sometimes you go where your husbands career goes...I tried not to complain (ok not too much) and do it with a smile. The last 5 of these moves occurred in the last 10 years! I have been busy- it is amazing I ever even got unpacked in between.
La Palma, CA : grew up there.....
Yorba Linda, CA: moved here as a teen....
San Diego: Attended SDState for my freshman year. All a blur now....
Yorba Linda: Back home with the folks to finish at CSUF
Haciendia Heights: scary Motel 6 type apartment. But it was my first on my own.
Diamond Bar: Lived with my cool cousin Crystal
Hollywood: Literally right off Melrose Place...and so was the drama in my life!
La Brea area (LA): had a lot of really good parties here.
Larchmont Village (LA): bought my first house! had more good parties here!
Back to Yorba Linda: got married so this just seemed like the place to be...first son born
Hinsdale, IL (Chicago): brr cold.....2nd son born
Walnut Creek, CA (San Fran): met my closest friend....
BACK to Yorba Linda again: prayers answered- moved back to be near my family
There is something special about Yorba Linda. (my niece called it MY-ba Linda as a toddler)....I am 3rd generation Orange County (city of Orange) so I really feel a kinship with this area. I was married here and spent lots and lots of time here before we moved here (my dads best friend lived in YL). So I have memories of riding horses up to MacDonald's and tying them up to the hitching post out front (the post is still there-but not used as much I am afraid). We have an old downtown area-with an authentic hardware store from the cities earliest days. Luxury homes share the streets with original ranch style homes. Horse trails and amazing parks. Oil pumps dot the area. And it was that oil production that saved Yorba Linda's economy during the depression. I have always been proud to call it home. These are a few pics of my beloved 'home' town.....after all home for me, is anywhere I am. I like to 'bloom where I am planted'. And for now....I am happily planted in Yorba Linda.


Shauna said...

ok - I love your page and am going to have to keep reading you! :) Blogging is so fun huh! Yes - my kids are ridiculous. But they make for a good laugh some days. Or cry - as I nearly did on our walk home from school today.

Anonymous said...

I've been there once and I remember it being so tranquil. Fond memories. You lived in Hinsdale? I've been there once too--oh la la!! I just read an article in O about the "large, gracious homes with perfectly manicured lawns" I'm a gypsy girl and have moved a lot--but nowhere exciting (boo!)