Bragging...I walked!

Today I walked for the first time with a friend. I have always walked alone with the ipod...and never knew how much quicker the time flies by when you go with a friend! She is training for some walk-a-thon, breast cancer walk thingy (A commitment I could never make for fear of failure) she started me out today with one of her famous 5 mile walks around town. She plans to be doing 10 miles at the end of her training.... I don't think I have ever done 5 miles at one time (okay 5 miles strolling around Disneyland doesn't count when you are stopping to eat cotton candy and ice cream). So off we went ...she walks with the pace of a bunny on it was no granny stroll. I had a great time and logged in 12545 steps. Photo of my beloved pedometer for proof! I told her I would do it again on Wednesday....can you believe I am looking forward to it?


Amy said...

yeah but I bet you felt better for it too, I walk every morning with our dog and my two children to school - I don't start until 9am so that gives me a bit of time to get some exercise, I need it too!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

hey, anything in disneyland counts.

lynnjax said...

Go girl! Soon you'll crave that endorphin rush and want to do it every day. I love work out days! (doesn't hurt that my trainer is HOT) Whatever it takes for motivation!! Keep it up chica. All in the name of good health (and trainers with fine bums)!