You really don't want to mess with us k? We ARE the PTA . We don't need your vote either. Trust me plenty of new parents think they can push us out- and we know that some people call us the "evil-three"....but we don't care. We control the fundraisers, ice-cream sales and the annual auction. We have the principal and school board in our pockets...that's the pockets of our fabulous cashmere sweaters. So you think your vote counts..but it doesn't. We control it all. And we look great while we do don't mess with us. DON'T MESS WITH US. Unless you want to be at the end of the pick up line for the rest of the year....thaaaaat's right.
We control it ALL.


Soliloquy said...

Dang, girl.

You are waaaaay too good.

Amy said...

ha ha ha ha ha
They even go clothes shopping at the same place!

proseandconverse said...

They're totally talking about Jack's hair.