Frenemies: Joan and Barbara 1960

Barbara: Hey, Joan- it was bad enough you showed up in the same jacket as me- but do you think you could stop leaning on me? Joan: I am not leaning..this is just how I stand. Besides, I'M not the one who went and got the same haircut.... Barbara: Mine is totally different...helllllloooo... it is RED. Jeez......Um, where did you get those groovy crochet glooves? Joan: Like I would ever tell you!...big ol'copy cat. Barbara: Fine don't tell me.... Then I'm not gonna share my Diet Tab I brought for lunch. Joan: No loss, I haven't eaten lunch since 1958.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Too funny! Just stumbled onto your blog and am in love already!

Hallie :)

Mel said...

Love it!

Amy said...

rofl lmao! That is so much better than anything I've written about vintage and retro photos! lol lol lol you've got the gift!

Becky said...

OMG, that is great...and I love the stupid haircuts!

Quit leaning on me femmebot!