How NOT to get the principal to like you...

Well in the on going saga of the Private School uniform and hair dress code...Jack was asked to cut his hair AGAIN today. And there are 7 school days left for the year. I decided to inform them that Jack would not attend the last 7 days of classes. I was then told this would DRASTICALLY affect his grades since he would miss lots of "workbook assignements". I said- okay then he can do the assignments at home and I will turn them in each day. Then I was told that she could not allow the workbooks to go home!!! But because I want to share my diplomacy I am going to show you the last e-mail I sent the principal and teacher.....
What? I can not take the workbooks home? I paid $675 suplemental fee this year for books. Does this fee not cover the 'workbooks' as well? Are they not MY property? May I come in and make copies of the book pages? What would be done if a child was sick? What accommodations would be made then? Jack had his hair cut last week. They took an inch off of his hair. I have photos of him getting his hair cut! I am attaching the photos. (before/during and after for proof) I paid $40.00 for that haircut. I really feel this is excessive given that there are 7 days left of classes. If the pricipal feels Jack's hair should keep him from attending the remainder of the school year- then I will accept that. But that means he needs to have access to workbooks (I will pay for copies of all relevant pages-I will even pick up the work books and take them to be copied). What tests are to be given over the next 7 days of school which will effect his grades? Please be specific so I can asses the risk we face by pulling Jack from HOPE early. This is so unfortunate to have to end the year this way. Jack is a good kid and good student. He has near perfect attendance. He always complies with the uniform code. He has never gone to school one day in 2 years even without his belt! I have seen some pretty bad rule breakers at hope this year alone: kids with clothes WAY too small to look appropriate, shoes with holes or writing on them, kids wearing casual uniform on dress day, and kids wearing out of uniform jackets. Even kids that wore black shirts to the band concert when it was CLEAR they were to wear white! And as for hair- Jack's hair is appropriate, and current. It is not excessive and in no way is distracting to the other children. If Sally can wear a BOYS uniform to school with long hair everyday- then why can't Jack keep his hair a little longer than the others and be fashionable? We have loved our time at HOPE- and have been good parents volunteering and complying with every rule the school has....But Jack got braces and glasses this year- and he just wants to look like a normal southern California kid. And since he is such a good student- I will support that.
But what would you do if Jack was 'sick' for the remainder of the year?
I am DYING for a response to this one. Yeah I am gonna be REAL popular after this. I don't care...I feel like I have to do this. Am I insane? YUP. I know... But the real comedy of all of this? My husband supports me- and agrees (this is a rare thing folks)........


Soliloquy said...

Ah, legalism. I'm assuming by the name, this is a Christian school?

Is your son going back next year?

Jesus had long hair. Would Jesus kick a great kid with a great heart out of school for ANY reason at all?

It's easier for me to support you in this knowing you have the support of your husband. I think that's all you need.

My son's hair has ALWAYS been an issue. We also pay $40 a pop for the "Beatles" style cut. And he looks so darn cute and feels so great about himself that it's worth every penny.

I have to say that THIS is going to speak volumes to your son about how much you care about him. Your willingness to make the things that are important to him important to you will shape him in incredible ways.

HOPE is missing the point here.

What do you think of this idea? Take your son and a pair of scissors into the the principal and ask him to cut it himself or let Jack attend school for the last seven days.

Too risky?? Not helpful?


I will be praying for you, Marcy.

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you--hold your ground girl! Next step, PICKET!

Suzanne said...

Have you heard back yet?

Ann said...

What is the real issue here? It just seems so excessive for the school to create such a stir over this.
I wonder if there isn't something else going on with the "powers that be"?
I'm on your side. With the changes that have come upon your son this year, he deserves to have something that makes him feel good about himself.
Can't wait to hear their response!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I find it a little over-the-top that they place so much importance on the exact length of a child's hair, etc. However, if I may play Devil's Advocate for a moment...

I would assume that the rules regarding dress code and hair length are distributed prior to or during the enrollment process. That is to say, that you are made aware of these conditions prior to finalizing your decision to send your child to this school.

If that is the case, maybe the question is not, "Why are they so concerned about the length of my child's hair?", but more, "What was I thinking when I sent my child there in the first place?"

It's like I often say (okay, not often, but once or twice), "Don't send your kid to Nazi Day Camp and then complain because you have to deal with the Feuer."

...but really, I AM truly only playing DA with you here...the hair thing is ridiculous....

Becky said...

I say send a photo copy of your hand giving them the appropriate finger.

But I am a I won't say which finger that is.

The Maid

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky...did God not create all of your fingers equal? To each, the appropriate task. You wouldn't hitchhike with your pinky, would you? Heck, no.