Heavenly Hostess

Aprons...not just for grandma anymore! So while strolling the streets of my 'happy place' (Orange Circle)...I discovered a newer store "Heavenly Hostess". Their motto "The Most Glamorous Aprons in the World"....naturally I had to take a look! This is a horrible photo- but the best I could get thru the storefront window...these aprons are adorable-complete with giant bow ties in the back. The top part is sorta smocked and pleated...very boob enhancing if you as me! These are so cute- I swear if you sewed up the back I would wear them as a dress for summer! Their website has loads of other versions and products (like matching pot holders!) And they carry all kinds of other lovely products including my new favorite "Smart Women" line (I want every product they make). So, come on official members of The Glamorous Life Association - it is time to get your apron on!


Amy said...

mnmm yummy aprons! I'll have to check out their website :-)

Suzanne said...

"Boob enhancing" They really are. I received one for my birthday last year and I look like at least a "B" in it!

lynnjax said...

My domestic skills suck. And I can't handle doing something that I clearly lack ability. No one in my home wants me to cook. I'm much better off working while my husband does the kitchen duty. (though I do run a mean vacuum) I would buy him one of these cute finds. But he needs no boob enhancement. He's a big enough boob on his own. (kidding, honey) Do they make laptop cases that fend off juice box spills? Now THAT would be right up my alley!