Dog People

Okay folks now is the time when I as a blogger tell you a little something about myself which may in-turn make me loose some of my readers. I know this to be a foolish act- but I feel compelled to tell you this about myself (its a blogger sickness) goes....I am NOT a dog person. I just am not. I have tried. I grew up with a dog. My friends have dogs. Some of my family have dogs. I have photographed dogs. But I just do not feel I need to own a dog-EVER. So it is particularly annoying to me when I seem to be confronted by people and their UNLEASHED dogs everywhere. They are at the park (although against the park rules), they are walking down my street looking for a place to do their business as an owner stands by like a little doggie servant, and this week I had a completely unleashed pit bull follow me around Starbucks. Okay dog people- ENOUGH. I am so glad you all have found a pet that you feel compelled to bring with you everywhere- but does that mean I have to worry about it biting me or my children? (and don't act that that never happens- it happens, watch the news). Love your dog, buy it clothes and dress it up, give it expensive toys and food- but do us all a favor: either leave it at home- or put the darn thing on a short leash. And don't even get me started on people who don't pick up after their dogs......I could really go on about that! (Note to reader: This blogger is not really the cold hearted pet hating person as she sounds...she is a bit of an animal freak actually, but it is just the leash thing she is trying to convey)


Runningamuck said...

If it makes you feel any better, I AM a dog person and I absolutely hate it when dogs c**p on my lawn and the owner just ignores it, like it'll go away or disolve into the grass and no one will know. And the leash thing bothers me too. I don't care if you have a teacup poodle, it has teeth don't it?! Sheesh! Let me re-iterate that I LOVE dogs. Just some of the owners drive me batty. =0)

Anonymous said...

Really funny (not!) since this morning I took my dogs to their normal pp/bm area (field 1/2 block from our home) without leases and wouldn't you know it...big Duke took a big dukey on a neighbors lawn. He NEVER does that! I couldn't clean it up because he had the runs. Poor baby was so sick he couldn't make it to the field. So what's a girl to do? I sent her an apology email :) OK OK, I'll go drag out the hose!!