Kids and sleep. They just approach it differently. It is more of an option some nights than a necessity. You think after you finally get them to stop needing a midnight feeding you are home free…but to my amazement my boys STILL wake up frequently in the middle of the night. And it seems- they are not happy until I am awake with them. Now I am a girl who loves (and needs) her sleep- so it is probably the worst thing in the world for me to be woken up. But when my door creaks open once, sometimes twice a night I almost laugh at what I am hearing. Here are a few favorites….
* "My bed is wet…but I don’t know if its pee" (it was)
* "I have to go to the bathroom…and your potty is better than ours"
* "Mom, I forgot I have to have 3 paper towel rolls by tomorrow…can you go get those?"
* "Mom, is it normal for a hamster to be squeaking?" (thankfully -it is )
* "The purple man is falling off the cliff!" (sleep walking nightmare-yeah fun)
* "I think I might wanna throw up. Can I throw up in here?"
* "The stupid Disneyland fireworks woke me up! Can’t you call them and tell them to knock it off?"
* "Mom wake up. I don’t feel good and I need you to fix me!"
* "I think our neighbors are drunk. They are talking really loud. Go tell them to drink coke."
* "Is Dad home yet?" (this happens every night my husband is to return from China- even if he is scheduled to come home the following DAY)
* "Mommy- please can you shut off my brain? I can’t go back to sleep!" (Jack was 3 at the time)
* And my favorite, heard on a night when I needed it the most: "Can I sleep in here? I miss you when I close my eyes and you are not there…"


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Awwww! That last one got me all verklemped! So sweet. The others all cracked me up... I've heard most of them myself. What is it with our bathrooms being so much "better" for middle of the night bladder functions?! Sheesh!