That Funny Life

This week: The OC Register rejected me as a staff photographer (apparently they need someone who shoots more sports- and well I say, if my kid isn't playing, I don't normally shoot it. So my portfolio was a little light in that area...) I was pretty darn bummed....and then....
This week also: The OC Register called and wants me to contribute daily to the The OC Mom Blog section! I won't be appearing for a few days.....but don't worry I will post easy links to it once I am up on the section for certain! Suz Broughton of Emphasis Mine and other writers I admire are there-so I am honored!
So I got a rejection from them and an acceptance all in the same week. Life is funny even when it isn't trying to be don't you think?

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Suzanne said...

This is so great. It will be a blast having you there. You have such talent. They are lucky to have you!