Sing and Be Happy

Record album from circa 1970... let's all sing and be happy with Little Marcy won't you? She looks a little demented, perhaps because she has no chin, or maybe the weight of the gi-normous bow on her head is pulling her head down. I would die to be able to hear how Little Marcy gotta guess it was adorable ala Shirley Temple for the hippie age.......daiseys where big then. And apparently plaid Christmas dresses...I think If I had this album as a kid I would have carried it around and tried to pass it off as me. In fact I know I would have. Pathetic. I wonder where this little Marcy is today? hey little Marcy- if you are out there, call in...we are worried about you.
update: I found her.
You gotta hear this


Anonymous said...

That albumn cover might be from the 70's but the music is definately NOT. Maybe 1925-1930

Runningamuck said...

Am I a sick and twisted mom if I played the whole thing for my kids? Umm, and even worse, I'm afraid they all loved it. Think I might use her on my blog, is it okay if I linky to your post?

Marcy Massura said...

Okay to link to ME? Yes! Yes! of course! That would make my day!

Runningamuck said...

Consider yourself linked and your day made! =0)