They say that blogging helps you learn about yourself and others. So far I have learned:
  • I like to make lists
  • I enjoy writing in the middle of the night
  • I have a strange preoccupation with blog lay-outs (mine or others)
  • I have more ideas for my blog than I allow myself to post
  • I think I am super funny/clever/awesome until I push the 'publish' button (Then I think I am lame)
  • My life is funny and really great.....and surprisingly interesting to others
  • My best and closest friends have the fear of leaving comments.
  • My husband kinda thinks I am nuts- but still loves me.
  • I really really like to write. (apparently the English Degree was not in vain)
  • I could not live without spell check.
  • There are more people out there with my sense of humor (and that cracks me up...)


Anonymous said...

Giggle-I can relate to all except my life isn't interesting or funny and people don't care to read about it. I used to laugh myself to tears over my post and have all my family read it and they MIGHT crack a smile but it was more of a pitty smile.

I really enjoy your writing--keep going Marcy! I love your twitters too. I wish more people twittered.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Okay I will leave a comment. It is hard for me to get my amish self to the computer and type something that may be read by someone/anyone! I almost always feel lame so I must love you tremendously to do this! Love your blog, love your twitter, you rock! love, S (Wait are you not supposed to sign a comment?)
Oh! I just had another thought - You neurotically check for comments all the time, don't you? Maybe I would be a better friend if I commented more. but, I'm way to lame and fearful!

Suzanne said...

This all sounds about right, you're in the beginning stages of being a Blog-a-holic. Hi. my name is Suzanne and I'm a blog-a-holic too!
JK--sounds like you are having fun and you are doing a great job. you are so funny, a natural!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Marcy. Don't stop! You're talented enough to put yourself out there for the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE!!!!!! ha ha, only if I were brave enough to leave my name!!! lol :) Can you guess who I am??!!??