Making Memories is Expensive!

While searching the internet for an amazing birthday party idea for my 9 year old- I came across this interesting blog post, about a CNN article. Sounds complicated. Just click HERE and read. Hey I am all for making memories for my kids- but whats wrong with those memories being really really cheap? Read the article- I will make more sense after....god I hope I do.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree!! When I was growing up, I was excited to have a cake & some friends over. I still found it memorable.

However, I admit that I spent almost $1000 for a birthday party. Every year it feels like you have to outdo the last. However, I don't know if that is really making memories or SPOILING them. Or was I trying to "keep up with the Jones"?

I think kids are simpler than we think. They just care to know that they are loved & feel special.

Missing the simpler times...