The Institute of Official Cheer

There is one web site- that has given me more hours of laughter than any other single site/TV show/book or movie....EVER. I have been a fan of The Institute of Official Cheer for years. I am totally not exaggerating. It is so beyond explanation...you just have to go there and see for your self. Start yourself off with the "Advertising is Good For You" section and then treat yourself to "The Grooviest Hotel in Wisconsin"......Oh gosh I wish I all of you were here right now, gathered around my monitor, drinking Mojitos and we would be laughing and laughing as we clicked threw the pages.....That would be a perfect night for me...but the next best thing is to pass this site on to you.....Enjoy. And Cheers...need a refill?

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proseandconverse said...

That site is a GOLDMINE!!! Thank you so much for giving the next 5 hours of my life meaning and purpose! :)