Oh-So Grateful!

This for a moment of gratefulness for all things modern and convenient.
This photo by Ester Bubley for the Office of War Information was taken to show typical living conditions for young mothers during the war. I can feel you all pawing the screen to rescue that baby from the table, so he won't fall off. Oh I am sure he fell off plenty. But let's talk about the horror of the mother's current chore: boiling the diapers. Yes, folks grabbing the family pan to clean dirty diapers. (Oh thank you God and Pampers for disposable diapers). How about the fridge? What would that even hold? A bottle of milk and some bacon? No wonder she has to to go to the market everyday...and walking no less I bet. I know, I know I can see the cord hazard from what looks like a toaster too....and yes it freaks me out too. How about the low hanging curtains over the stove? Safety was not job one back then....
Update: The baby's name is Joe and he died only 8 years ago, so apparently he survived the table falls, toaster to the head and a inevitable kitchen fires from the curtains. Good job Joe- you must have been a tough little guy. Want more? Visit Shorpy

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I stared at this picture for a minute before I read your post, and I didn't notice ANY of those safety hazards. I saw the baby, but it didn't register that he was just hanging out... on the TABLE...

All I could think of?
"How cute that Mommy looks in her apron! I want an apron!"